We have free routes for our clients from HOTEL AMIC HORIZONTE.

Try a flat route, mountain and super mountain!!


Mallorca Cycling
coll de sa creu road bike
inca - sineu road bike
puig major road bike
coll de sa creu road bike
puig major road bike

cathedral of Palma city bike
promenade Palma Bay
El Toro city bike

Rules and Safety Precautions to ride in Mallorca.

1. Wear lights and reflective clothing which can be seen from at least 150 metres away. 

2. Use standardised helmets. 

3. Ride as far to the right as possible on roads. Cyclists can ride in columns of two abreast. Ride in single file in places where visibility is poor. 

4. On inter-city roads, turn from the right. 

5. No cycling is allowed on motorways or highways. 

6. Bring extra food and drink. High energy food such as chocolate, dried fruit and bananas are recommended. Water is very important, especially in summer. 

7. Be careful with the sun. Riding many hours in the sun may burn skin, even in winter. Use the protective sun cream best suited to your type of skin 

8. Respect the flora and fauna along the way. Close the doors or gates you pass through behind you. Do not continue when trespassing is not allowed.



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